Thanksgiving Picture Books

Sarah Gives Thanks: How Thanksgiving Became a National Holiday by [Mike Allegra, David Gardner]
Thank You, Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving: Anderson, Laurie Halse,  Faulkner, Matt: 9780689851438: Books
Give Thanks to the Lord  -     By: Karma Wilson
    Illustrated By: Amy June Bates

Let’s talk about Thanksgiving picture books! I love all of these! The two ones above are about Sarah Josepha Hale, the woman who got the federal government to create the US national holiday of Thanksgiving.

What Is Thanksgiving?  -     By: Michelle Medlock Adams
    Illustrated By: Amy Wummer

The one above, to the left, is a cute board book, very simple. Give Thanks to the Lord is a beautifully illustrated book to celebrate Psalms 92. Then It’s Thanksgiving! by Jack Prelutsky is packed full of delightful poems. So fun!

Paperback It's Thanksgiving! Book

Thanksgiving in the Woods tells the true story of a family who hosts Thanksgiving in the woods every year near their home in upstate New York, with candles and bonfires and lots of people. Sounds so jolly!

I enjoy the work of Eric Metaxas. Squanto’s story fascinates me!


Both the books above and below involve the real pilgrims. The one above is about John Howland, a real person who was on the Mayflower. He’s actually my many-greats-great-grandfather! His story illustrates the hand of God in someone’s life. What would have happened if he hadn’t been saved after falling overboard the Mayflower? This book deserves to be read every year to be reminded of Providence in the Pilgrims’ lives and all of our lives. I love the lovely illustrations in both these books! The one below is my favorite picture book for telling the general story of the pilgrims.


The Thanksgiving Door is my absolute fave Thanksgiving picture book. I just love, love the story of serendipity that surprised an elderly couple because of a grandmother’s influence of her family to be hospitable.

2057247. sx318

An Outlaw Thanksgiving is a little known story loosely based on a story involving Butch Cassidy. I love this one, and A Turkey for Thanksgiving, because of their surprise endings!

Cover image for The Peterkins' Thanksgiving

The one above and below just ooze happy family togetherness at Thanksgiving! I reviewed a movie loosely based on the book below (pretty much the only thing in common is the title) over here. I hope you enjoy all these books! Happy Thanksgiving!

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