Feel a Sacred, Holy, Joyful Feeling by Watching this Show: BYUTV’s Relative Race

I just love watching this show, Relative Race, every Sunday after our church meetings. In this show, four teams search for long-lost relatives by completing challenges and then following clues to get to the relative’s home without using GPS or any smart phone help. All they have to guide them is a paper map and whatever help they can get from the locals.

Often they are searching for a biological father or biological mother that has never been known. Each team is made of two people, usually a husband and wife, or siblings. Sometimes the team is made of friends. The winner of the race, which is 10 episodes long, gets the grand prize of $50K! Along the way, though, everyone is a winner because they get to know relatives they never knew! The show’s producer and host, Dan Debenham, is in the video below. He tells of how this show is not really his show, it’s God’s. You can read the text of the talk here.

I just love it when there’s that pregnant pause after the person finally gets through a challenge and races to the relative. They see the relative for the first time and then, there’s a pause, as the twosome waits in wonder to see who this relative is. I love to call it and say out loud to my kids who are watching with me, before someone reveals it on the show… “It’s his father!” or “It’s her mother (or sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin)!” More than half the time, I’m right. It’s so fun to see the shared genes and be able to call it.

Then there are the tears as the racer and his or her relative hug. What a sacred feeling! I can feel the Holy Spirit testify that this relationship between these two people is sacred because they are family. Even though they’ve been separated by time and miles. They are still family. It’s amazing. So if you ever want to feel the Holy Spirit, watch this show. The joy that emanates is contagious! It makes me want to strengthen my family relationships. You can watch the show here. So far the show has 8 seasons, with 10 episodes in each. So if you haven’t watched any of it, you have a lot of binge watching to look forward to!

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