2021 Countdown to Christmas Day #1: the Power of the Christmas Carol Silent Night

I just love this story about a young missionary in Russia, one of the coldest places on earth. He found out how playing Silent Night on a violin to accompany some singing by other missionaries brought in the Holy Spirit to touch people’s hearts like nothing else he’d witnessed. This was a miracle as three of the missionaries were tone deaf and they only practiced for five minutes.

Go here to read it. If you like it, you will love my collection of heart-warming stories in my free PDF of Family Devotionals Ebook, over here.

Then here’s a new arrangement of Silent Night by Katie Bastian, also linked in my ebook.

If you’ve never watched BYUTV’s rendition of the history of Silent Night, you are missing out. Go here to watch it free on BYUTV, to learn the story of Joseph Mohr, the lyricist, and Franz Gruber the composer.

To round out your Silent Night experiences, here are some picture books of it to enjoy the story more.

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