Debrief of Relative Race Season 10 Episode 7

This Image and the Images Below Credit: BYUTV’s Relative Race Instagram Page

Have you all been watching the latest season, Season 10, of Relative Race? If not go watch right now! It’s right here. If you don’t know anything about the show, and why I love it so much, then go read here.

After you watch Season 10 Day 7 watch the debrief of it below with some avid genealogists. You’ll find out about a bonus video that that involves Team Green. Thanks to Cheri Hudson Passey who does these debriefs after each episode and posts them the following Wednesday in her YouTube channel here.

Go here to get the show notes with links to related stuff.

Thank you also to all the people who bring Relative Race to life. When I watch the show, it feels like the best times of Thanksgiving and Christmas Days all rolled into one happy family show. It reminds me that because of Jesus, we can all forgive each other for mistakes and move on in happy family ways.

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