God’s Timing in My Life: Positively Providential

This sunset is so beautiful it reminds me of the ones I used to see in AZ. This one is in Utah by my home in this month of November!

I had this amazing experience last week where I witnessed God’s hand in my life. I had a big project due on Saturday that I had been working on for months. I also wanted to go to an event with a girlfriend on Friday night, the night just before the project was due, that we had been planning for over two weeks. I really wanted to go to this event, even though it would have been so easy to just say I can’t go, I’ve got to finish this project on Friday night.

I planned my time well and followed through on my plans and worked on this project a lot every day before Friday so that on Friday I finished in time to go to the event. My girlfriend and I had so much fun! We got to hear a wonderful presentation and then talk to people after the meeting and make valuable connections. We also scored a free infrared sauna treatment for 15 minutes that we could do with all of our clothing on. The guy who helped us with it said that he was so delighted to work with us because we cheered him up on a hard day. Bonus! So yummy! On top of that, the conversation in the car on the way up and back home was delicious, but the best part of all was how God arranged it so I made this fabulous new friend that night after the meeting.

The day before at my potluck girlfriends’ lunch, one of my other girlfriends shared some ideas. Then when she got home she shared a podcast that related to her topics. So I listened to the podcast the next day on Friday. Then that night at the event, my girlfriend and I chatted it up with the videographer of the event. I discovered, while conversing with him, that he is the son of the person who was interviewed in the very podcast I had listened to earlier in the day. Wow! This was enough to make our other girlfriend jealous, LOL! Now we can maybe get his dad to chat with us over zoom sometime during a potluck lunch so we can ask him all of our juicy questions. This was just so positively Providential, as Mrs. Spencer of Anne of Green Gables would say. God truly is in the details of my life! I am feeling so blessed.

It reminds me so much of Elder Ronald J. Rasband’s General Conference talk about how God works with us to arrange meetings that most people would call chance encounters.

In this talk here, called “By Divine Design,” Elder Rasband tells the story of his granddaughter being able to see her brother while he was serving a mission, because of God’s providence. He said:

“Heavenly Father can put us in situations with specific intent in mind. He has done so in my life, and He is doing so in yours, as He did in the lives of our dear grandchildren.

“Each of us is precious and loved by the Lord, who cares, who whispers, and who watches over us in ways unique to each of us. He is infinitely wiser and more powerful than mortal men and women. He knows our challenges, our triumphs, and the righteous desires of our hearts.”

I love this! I testify it is true! Please watch the whole talk below. I encourage you to ponder your own life. I am confident you have the same workings of Divine Design.

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