Debrief of Relative Race Season 10 Episode 3 with Genfriends

Image Credit: Relative Race’s Instagram Page

I missed posting the debrief of Season 10 Episode 2, but here’s the debrief for Episode 3. You can watch Episode 3 here on My favorite moment was probably seeing Shawn react when he found his cousin, who appears to be half black. I think we all thought she was related to Shawn’s racing partner, because he is black, but no, she was Shawn’s biological cousin. It was Shawn’s birthday too so that made the day extra special too. Go here to see why I love Relative Race so much. It has become a Sunday tradition for us. If there is not a current season showing on Sunday nights we watch reruns at I always do a puzzle while watching. It makes for a lovely Sunday afternoon where I can truly unwind from the week and have some mental rest.

Here’s the puzzle I finished just today during my last Relative Race bingewatch. There is more tonight as I get out a new puzzle and watch the premiere of Episode 4. It’s very fitting that the puzzle is all about families, as I put it together while people fit the pieces of the puzzle of their family tree together. I thought of my maternal grandfather as I watched it. He loved Norman Rockwell’s art. So the family feels were all around me today.

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