Countdown to Christmas Day #4: Song “Mary Sweet and Tender Maiden”

Here’s a sweet song about Mary by Don Staheli and Jim Kasen. You can get the sheet music here. It’s called “Mary Sweet and Tender Maiden.” I don’t worship Mary, but I can’t help but feel tremendous gratitude to her for being the wondrous vessel that she was to bring forth our Savior Jesus Christ and then mother him to adulthood. It was the vision of Mary holding the Christ child that conveyed to Nephi in the Book of Mormon just what the love of God is. Mary = the love of God. God also symbolizes it with the tree of life in the Book of Mormon. You can read all about that in my book. Just click on the tab above, “The Book,” and then click on Chapter 2.

I love, love the book below. In it, a little boy touches the heart of a bitter man. The man is carving a Mary figure for a wooden Nativity set, and the little boy asks him to put a smile on her face because she was the mother of Jesus. After you read the book, be sure to watch the movie. This story is absolutely one of my favorites. Years ago, the movie inspired me to be a better mother.

If you want more links to Christmas sheet music published by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, please get me free ebook of Family Devotionals as a PDF. The December section has links to many stories, songs, and poems for Christmas. Get it here and enjoy!

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey
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  1. What music are you using for the accompaniment? It’s different then what you linked to. I would love to use that arrangement.


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