2021 Countdown to Christmas Days #5 and 6: Two Stories: Giving is Better than Getting and The Miracle of the Clam Chowder

Photo Credit: my sister Emily Reynolds of emilyreynoldsart.com

I missed posting a Christmas story yesterday for my countdown to Christmas, so I’m sharing two today.

#1 story is about a young girl who discovers that giving is more important than getting. She spends all her money and surprises her dad with something he loves. His reaction is priceless! It’s called “My Family: Giving is Getting, ” by D. Louise Brown. If you like stories about good surprises, you will love it. Go here to read it.

#2 story involves a husband and wife, faith and prayer. The husband and wife are Gary and Joy Lundberg, authors of the book below. If you’ve ever faced a deadline of making food to contribute to a party, you will feel for the wife in this story. She burnt the clam chowder she was going to bring. What happens after that is a miracle! I used to listen to this couple on the radio years ago as a young mom of two little ones. I always looked forward to their show and bought their book for a family Christmas present one year because I loved listening to them so much. You can read what I call the Miracle of the Clam Chowder here.


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