Countdown to Christmas Days #7 and #8: Straw for the Manger Story, and a Story about a Family Being Separated on Christmas

The Last Straw (Illustrated Edition)

Ugh, I missed sharing a story yesterday, again, for my Christmas countdown. So, once again, I’m doubling up today to share two stories.

The first story is a real life example of the picture book above. Read it here. Some people have also made the simple tradition into a movie, below. We watched it last year for the first time. It’s totally cheesy, but still enjoyable. I just love the chummy friendly neighborly feelings it portrays.

The Last Straw

Story #2 reminds me of the Grinch’s futile attempt. What happens when a husband and wife leave to go pick up presents on Christmas Eve, then get stuck in a blizzard, preventing their return to play Santa on the Big Night? Read the story here and you will be reminded that, like Dr. Seuss says, “Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from the store.” Christmas is much more than that.

If you want more heartwarming stories for Christmas, turn to the December section of my Celestial Family Devotionals ebook, in free PDF form, linked over here.

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