Roots Tech 2022 Day 2: What I’m Learning!

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Yesterday was wonderful watching RootsTech Day 1. I had a lunch with girlfriends, tore myself away at 4:15 after some deep meaningful conversation, then came home to take a daughter to an afternoon class, then got to come home. I had attempted to listen (not watch, because I was driving) to some of the videos on my phone while driving but it didn’t work for whatever reason, so I was happy to be home home to finally watch some of RootsTech. I got to see Session 2 with the comedian Maysoon Zayid. She is amazing! I feel blessed to have been able to hear her speak.

I found out one of my girlfriends at the lunch had 2 of her children participating in the Youth Panel scheduled for this morning. So I logged in at 8 AM before filling up my car with gas and enjoyed listening as I drove. It was a live Zoom meeting, with adults and youth sharing their experiences on how to get youth fired up about family history. The picture above comes from that site. If you click here, then click on “ward and stake activities” you’ll find a wonderful Google Doc, by clicking ” Help light the temple and family history fire (the Spirit of Elijah) in your ward.” that summarizes the activities shared. They all sound so fun!

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It’s been fun watching the Innovators Portal. There’s one software that displays your family tree as a 3-D image filling the room. I’m excited to see that in real life! Wow!

It’s cool to see what Ancestry’s news, including the records from the Freedmen’s Bureau to help the descendants of slaves find their roots. See below.

If you need help navigating RootsTech, go to RootsTech’s site and click on “website tutorial.” The video below also gives some orientation to the event.

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