RootsTech 2022 Final Thoughts

Photo Image: YouTube

RootsTech 2022 was so wonderful! I didn’t get to watch all the classes or go to all the virtual booths, what with all my other stuff going on, but what I did engage with was all so good! I love learning that FamilySearch has this new feature in, the “Get Involved” tab, and a corresponding app called “FamilySearch Get Involved.” I love the idea that you can hop in there for even just 5 minutes and do something helpful to move along family history and temple work. Watch the video below to learn more.

Here’s a shorter video about it below!

I loved the dancing from different cultures and the food shown! In this video below, this young woman tlaks about different traditional foods of Peru, including entrails. Sally Fallon would be pleased!

I totally wanted to explore all the vendors in the virtual booth hall but other priorities emerged. I started watching this one below, it looks like a great way to preserve photos.

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