2022 Countdown to the Birthday of the Book of Mormon: Story #2 “Teaching My Teacher”

The Book of Mormon’s birthday is March 26, 1830. So we are coming up on its 192th birthday! So I’m sharing stories a lot this month of March to celebrate. Today’s story is called “Teaching My Teacher” by Diana Graham. I read this story years ago when I lived in AZ. Imagine my surprise when I moved back to UT and met the writer! Basically, the story involves Sister Graham as a young graduate student at Columbia University in the 1960s. (Notice I didn’t say “co-ed,” a word that is so sexist, I despise it and do not use it, only when I’m saying I don’t like it and don’t use it. The fact that I even mention it shows my age. Do any Millennials even know what that word means? I’m going to quiz my own Millennial children to see…I will be grateful to find out they don’t even know what it means.)

OK, so Sister Graham witnessed her professor disparage the Book of Mormon in one of her classes. (This professor, coincidentally, held the Charles C. Anthon Chair at Columbia. More than 100 years earlier, Martin Harris had shown a copy of characters copied from the Golden Plates, which the Book of Mormon was translated from, to Charles Anthon. If you don’t know the rest of the story about that, go here.)

As a young student, Sister Graham had the courage to defend what she knows to be true. She wrote, “I could not disappoint my ancestors, whose testimonies of the Book of Mormon had led them to sacrifice everything.” She stood up to this professor by telling him that she believed the book to be scripture. She asked him to read a research paper she wrote about the book. Her story has a beautiful ending, I can’t wait for you to read it. Go here to read the whole thing, it’s heartwarming!

Here’s another story of the Book of Mormon, a story about how a copy of it did not burn in a house fire. It’s miraculous! Read about “The Book That Would Not Burn” over here.

Find more stories about the power of the Book of Mormon in the March section of my Celestial Family Devotionals Ebook, over here.

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