Amazing Insights from the Story of Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors

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Wow! I absolutely loved studying the story of Joseph in Genesis 37-41 this past week, featured in the Come, Follow Me study guide. I also had fun finding clips of the story put in musical form featuring Donny Osmond.

Have you ever felt neglected? Falsely accused? Forgotten and alone? That life is unfair? Do you feel like your family is dysfunctional because of abuse? Joseph of Genesis 37-41 had reason to feel all these things. He could have easily sunk into despair, depression, and soothing those feelings with bad habits, because of all those issues. Yet he rose above all these issues to prosper in prison, and become second in command to Pharaoh. Even then, he didn’t rest on his laurels. He allowed God to let him be an instrument in God’s hands to save Egypt, and Joseph’s family.

Because Joseph overcame all these negative things, we can too. Here are the videos I enjoyed this past week about Joseph. This first one with David Butler and Emily Belle Freeman talks a bit about Tamar’s story in Genesis 38. I liked it, but when I listened to it, I hadn’t read the part yet and was confused because they didn’t explain the whole story. They do give a kind perspective on Tamar.

I love Heather Farrell’s detailed and kind explanation of Tamar’s story in the book Walking with the Women of the Old Testament. Don’t miss that book, and Heather’s other books! They are amazing! I’ve loved her blog here for years, but not all the stories in the book are on the blog. So if you want to read what she says about Tamar, you are going to have to get her book.

Time stamps for the above video:

00:00 See the Board

00:03 Welcome and Introduction

00:41 Old Testament Timeline Review and Timeline Piece of the Week

04:32 Intro to Tamar and the 12 Sons of Jacob

05:44 The Genealogy of Jesus in Matthew 1

07:41 The Grandmothers of Jesus (Matthew 1 verses 3, 5, and 6)

09:45 Intro to Genesis 37-41 and the story of Tamar

11:43 Genesis 38 verse 26

12:04 Additional background on historical laws and customs of Tamar’s time

14:06 What we know about Tamar + Unconventional Loyalty

16:33 Quote from book “Matriarchs of the Messiah” by Jo Ann Skousen

17:56 Cross reference Deuteronomy 25 verses 5-6 + Discussion on Judah

19:00 Overview of Tamar’s story in Genesis 38

20:44 Genesis 38 verses 21-22

23:34 Quotes from Alfred Edersheim and commentary in The Torah

26:24 Intro to Joseph and Genesis 37 and 39

29:15 Genesis 37 verses 26-27

30:18 Geneses 39 verses 1-5

34:22 Genesis 39 verses 21 and 23

35:58 Overview of Genesis 40-41

37:04 Genesis 41 verses 15-16

38:22 Genesis 41 verses 25 and 28, then 32

39:57 Genesis 41 verses 38-39

41:05 Emily’s story of serving as Relief Society President

45:17 Reference to quote from Elder Faust

46:10 Conclusion: God of the Middle Moments

The above and below videos with Dr. Lili Anderson are so absolutely wonderful! She speaks such truth. The stories and insights she shares about why life is unfair actually helped me feel that in the end life if the fairest it can be.

Then this video below, by Rhonda and Ferrell Pickering, blows my mind! It is full of so many connections to things I never even considered, including astronomy and the Jewish festivals. They explain hidden gems in the story of Tamar and Judah in Genesis 38. By listening to them you will also see how Tamar’s story relates to Joseph’s. They go deeply in to the dreams Joseph interprets, those of the butler, the baker, and pharaoh, and explain how they give us a timeline of prophecy. It’s amazing! I hope you enjoy all these videos, including the clips of Donny Osmond playing Joseph in the musical. We’re going to watch it as a family one of these Sunday nights soon! You can buy or rent it in YouTube.

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