Another Fan of Homeopathy: the author of Angelina Ballerina

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If you’ve been reading my blog you know how much I love homeopathy. I’m loving this webinar series from Americans for Homeopathy Choice (AHC) going on this week, every day live at 6 PM ET! Paola Brown, president of AHC is putting on this pledge drive webinar every weekday this week. Yesterday she interviewed some amazing people:

-Katharine Holabird, the author of the Angelina Ballerina series. She says she’s an avid fan of homeopathy, having used it for all of her three grown children, herself, her husband, and even her dog! Yes you can use homeopathy on animals! (on plants too!)

-Paige Pulliam, a mom of an autistic child helped by homeopathy

-Dr. Ron Whitmont, MD and homeopath

-Peter Gold

Dr. Whitmont and Peter Gold summarize the latest research showing that homeopathy works, citing several clinical trials, including one involving diarrhea in pigs!

Watch the video below and enjoy learning about the magic of homeopathy from Paola and these guests. Please consider donating to AHC, over here! AHC fights to keep homeopathy legal in the U.S.

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