Book of Mormon Wits and Wagers Version

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To celebrate the Book of Mormon’s birthday today, I came up with some questions to play a Book of Mormon version of the Wits and Wagers Family game.

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Wits and Wagers is a great trivia game because it doesn’t matter if you know the answer or not. Everyone can have fun with it even if they don’t remember trivia.You just have to be good at knowing who most likely would know the answer and vote for their answer. You can still win if you aren’t great at remembering facts and figures. I highly recommend the game, it’s so fun!

If you have this game already, great! Just use the questions and answers below. If you don’t have the game, you can read the rules here and improvise with some tokens for the big and little meeples, and paper to make a game board and answer boards, until you get the real game. (Keep an eye out for this game at thrift stores, it’s definitely a keeper.) Write these questions and answers below on index cards or just pieces of paper with the answer on the back. When you read the question, cover the answer on the back so no one sees it.

I sometimes play this game on Sunday with my family and use gospel-based questions to make it a more Sabbath Day appropriate game. You can take turns using a smartphone or laptop to come up with questions about the gospel and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that involve numbers. Today I’m focusing on questions about the Book of Mormon that involve numbers in the answers.

Use these questions as a starting point, then do your own research to find more number-based questions. Again, all the questions have to be answered with a number. If you need more help knowing how to play watch the video below. By watching it you can see that you could theoretically play with just post-it notes or small pieces of paper. It is nice to have miniature white boards but you don’t have to have them to play. You could keep score on a regular piece of paper instead of a board and use coins or small tokens for the meeples. A bigger coin like a quarter could be the big meeple and a dime or penny could be the small meeple. You just might want to label them with colored paper taped on top to keep track of whose is whose.

How many names for Jesus Christ are mentioned in the Book of Mormon? 117

How often is Jesus Christ mentioned in the Book of Mormon, on average, every ____ verses? 1.7

How many questions are asked in the Book of Mormon? 543 (

How many questions does Jesus ask in the Book of Mormon? 35 (

How much did the first edition of the Book of Mormon cost? $1.75

What year was the Book of Mormon first published? 1830 (March 26)

How many languages has the Book of Mormon been published in? 115 (as of May 2021)

At least how many copies of the Book of Mormon are in print? 150 million, as of April 2011 (

How many copies were published in the first edition? 5000

How much did it cost to publish the first edition? $3000

How many months did it take to publish the first edition? 23 months

How many men worked at the printing press to get the first edition out? 12 men

How many hours a day did the men work? 11

How many days a week did the men work? 6

(These numbers come from the video shown above from Lynne Hilton Wilson)

How many words did Jesus Christ speak to the Nephites after he was resurrected, in his visit recorded in 3 Nephi? 12,021 (from the infographic linked below)

How many men, women, and children touched the living Christ in 3 Nephi? 2500

Image Credit: from Lynne Hilton Wilson’s video shown above and linked here

If you’d like some resources to get yourself started with writing some number-based questions, here are some resources:

-Ten Little-known Facts About the Book of Mormon

-this infographic from (you may have to enlarge it to read it)

By the Numbers, Questions in the Book of Mormon

Happy Book of Mormon Day!

If you’d like to share some stories about how the Book of Mormon has changed people’s lives, please go here, and get more from the March section of my Celestial Family Devotionals ebook found here for free.

If you’d like a copy of the Book of Mormon, go here.

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