6/22 Tree of Life Mama’s Healing Story #1

I’ve heard from a few fellow members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints bemoaning that we don’t hear stories of miracle healing in church meetings like we used to. As members, we subscribe to Article of Faith #7 which says, “We believe in the gift of tongues, prophecies, revelation, vision, healing, interpretation of tongues, and so forth.” So with that belief, where are all the healing stories?

I am talking about healing that comes from faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and His power. Here is an article from the Church’s website about the history of spiritual healing.

Ever since I heard that lament from a friend, who quoted a family member, I have been noticing many stories of healing told in The Gospel Library app. I’m going to share them here as I find them. So here’s Healing Story #1.

This story, by a man named Albert Peters, involves a man who had been paralyzed for decades. Polio had caused this, 22 years before, rendering his limbs to be twisted. His name was Atiati. Missionaries of the Church found him and taught him the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel lit up his life. He started caring about himself and grooming himself. Whereas he had been unshaven and unkempt when the missionaries first found him, he paid someone to shave him and clean him up so he was wearing fresh clothes when the missionaries next met with him. He had a smile on his face and a will to live.

Atiati told the elders, ““I have waited for more than twenty years for someone to come and tell me that they have the true gospel of Christ. I want you to know that for over twenty years, I have done nothing but lie here and read the Bible. If what you tell me is really the true gospel of Christ, I will know and recognize it.”

As the elders taught this man the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, Atiati recognized it as the true gospel that he was looking for. When he expressed a desire to get baptized, the missionaries wondered how this would happen. Would they have to carry him to the baptism waters?

On the day of the baptism, people of little faith gathered around the baptism scene to tease and taunt the elders and Atiati. The elders carried him to the baptismal waters, but then Atiati said that this was the most important day of his life. He asked to be put down, because in his words, “I will not be carried to my salvation.” The teasing stopped as he pulled himself up on the railing and stood. Then he walked into the waters of baptism. This was a man who had had paralyzed, twisted limbs for over 20 years! After his baptism, he walked with a cane. Not only that, but he walked to his Sunday church meetings every week from 4 AM to the arrival time of 10 AM. That’s where the nearest church meetings were for him. That’s what I call a healing miracle! Amazing! He had the faith for his limbs to be healed and they were.

Read the whole story here.

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