6/28/22 Tree of Life Mama’s Podcast of the Week: Angie’s Option on Holistic, Integrative Dentistry with Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, DDS

Photo Credit: livingwellwithdrmichelle.com

Continuing on with what I wrote about curing tooth decay over here, I’m sharing this podcast episode below.

It’s from Angie and Larry Law, of Angie’s Option GRM Podcast. You can listen to it here. It features Dr. Michelle Jorgensen, featured in the photo above.

You will learn all about:

-what does holistic dentistry mean?

-Angie’s story about being struck by lightning and

-Dr. Michelle’s story and how she got sick and then well. This caused her to stop using mercury fillings on patients.

-mercury poisoning

-the evils of root canals

-hidden dental infections and how they affect autoimmune issues

-airway issues due to smaller mouths and how they affect breathing and health

To connect with Dr Michelle:


IG and FB: @livingwellwithdrmichelle and @totalcaredentalutah

For virtual consultations:


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