Gospel Wits and Wagers

Before I explain how to play Gospel Wits and Wagers, I just want to share something so wonderful. This week I felt an amazing blessing come into my life. It had been almost a year since we had an appliance break down. I was reveling in our good fortune when, what do you know, the washing machine broke. Ugh. So I called and made an appointment for a repairman to come. The soonest that his schedule meshed with an opening with my schedule was Wednesday next week. Double ugh.

On Saturday last week I had just finished writing out my schedule, with all these grand plans to sunbathe and then run errands in the afternoon. (I sunbathe for heliotherapy, which I explain here.) Then the Holy Spirit whispered to me, reminding me that several days prior I had made an appointment to go to the temple on Saturday afternoon. Even though I had to change my plans, I decided the temple was more important than my errands. I also realized that if we were to have clean clothes, I needed to go use my ministering sister’s washing machine. I had just enough time to run over there to start a load, come back and eat, and then change clothes to go to the temple.

The temple visit was so wonderful. There’s a temple worker there who interacted with me. She just oozed unconditional love. I interacted with her last week as well. That’s when I first noticed this unconditional love. I was happy to see her again and feel this incredible love again. When I was done visiting the temple, I went to my car to come home. I noticed two text messages on my phone that had come in while I was inside the temple. One was from the appliance repair business. One was from my husband.

The message from the appliance repair business: “Our repair technician was involved in a four wheeling accident today. We don’t know yet how serious his condition is. We are cancelling all his appointments for next week. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

The message from my husband: “The washing machine works now. I don’t know why. I didn’t touch it. It just started working. We are using it now.”

Wow! Before I even had time to stress about the canceled repair appointment, I found out I didn’t have to stress. Of course I can’t explain why this happened. I can’t prove why it happened. I believe, however, it was a result of my sacrifice to do temple work. I believe angels on the other side were rejoicing in the work I did for them and somehow influenced the washing machine to work again.

I love doing family history research work and temple work. The blessings are innumerable. I feel the blessings come temporally and spiritually, as so beautifully elaborated in my absolute favorite story about temple and family history work told here by Sister Kim Crenshaw Sorenson, told here.

OK, on to how to play Gospel Wits and Wagers.

First go here to read what I wrote on how to play Book of Mormon Wits and Wagers.

Now that you’ve read that, just expand the questions you use to include other gospel-based questions. Just remember to always have the answer be a number, either a quantity or a year.

The photos I’ve included in this post are pictures of pages I found from the Ensign and Liahona magazines that show facts and figures about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in different areas of the world. Use these questions for a Gospel Wits and Wagers Games. You can also turn to the magazines online or other places to find more facts and figures. We played this game today for a Sunday gameschooling round with my mother-in-law, husband, children left at home, and my married son and daughter-in-law. It’s so interesting to learn about the kingdom of God building up around the globe.

Other Sunday gameschooling games can be found here. Enjoy! May your Sabbath Day be even more of a delight with Sunday School-based games!

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