Attention Homeschool Mamas! Listen to this Podcast with Andrew Pudewa and Sarah Mackenzie to Launch a Great New School Year!

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I got to meet Andrew Pudewa 16 years ago in person at a homeschool conference. I had several conversations with him that day and found him totally delightful. If you homeschool, you will want to absorb his decades of wisdom he has gleaned as a homeschooling dad, former Suzuki instructor, and guru of teaching language arts to children. His company, Institute of Excellence In Writing, can be found here.

In this podcast episode from, he and Sarah Mackenzie answer “The 10 Best Questions We’ve Been Asked.” It is recorded from a session they did at a Great Homeschool Conference. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope you do too. You can listen to it here.

And…if you want to binge watch more of Andrew and Sarah, just go below.

Here is the very first podcast episode Sarah and Andrew did together, which also happened to be Sarah’s first ever podcast episode, over here. Then here is Episode #89, where she welcomed Andrew back.

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