Two Fun Things to Celebrate Your New Homeschool Year

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I know a lot of families have been back in school for weeks, but over here, we are trickling into it, thank goodness. Our homeshool co-operative starts next week. I’m so grateful the board members of the co-op agree with me that the proper time to start school is after Labor Day. I’m holding onto summer as long as possible, just because I know that before I know it I will be pining for warm weather in the doldrums of winter. We got to have a cabin retreat last weekend with my parents that helped me somewhat emotionally close out summer and move into fall, despite the continued heat wave we are in that still feels like July. My baby will be taking classes all of his older siblings have taken, the two LEMI Scholar Project classes of Key of Liberty and Shakespeare Conquest. I’m excited to see how he engages with the projects. I love new school years with all the hope and anticipation of what will unfold! To celebrate the new school year, I’m using the resources above and below. They are fun, free resources from Jennifer Flanders over at to celebrate back to school time. First, check out the banner above. Then below are some fun prompts to get dinner conversation flowing about school days, especially for your kiddos to hear from their relatives and friends. Go here to download. Thanks to Jennifer Flanders for creating these resources. I’m going to put these under people’s plates for Sunday dinner this weekend when Grandma joins us. Then I will record her answers and upload them into FamilySearch.

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If you want more conversation starters, go here.

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