11/22/22 Tree of Life Mama’s Family Movie of the Week: Funny Thing About Love (a Thanksgiving movie)

Somehow, I stumbled upon this movie last year, after Thanksgiving. I’m happy to introduce you all to it so you can watch it this Thanksgiving weekend with your family. It’s a good Thanksgiving family movie that the whole clan can enjoy, even Grandma. Nobody will be cringing at potty humor or any sexual innuendos in it.

In this movie, Samantha Banks, the main character, thinks she is in love with Bryce, played by Jason Gray of Studio C. She brings him home for Thanksgiving for her family to meet, only to discover that her sister-in-law has invited her brother to visit for Thanksgiving weekend as well. The trouble is, that brother is Samantha’s ex-boyfriend. On top of that, he’s a famous comedian whose #1 fan is Bryce.

I give this movie 3 out of 5 stars. The acting isn’t the best, and the end is SOOOO predictable. It’s good clean fun, however, with a family-at-home-during-Thanksgiving theme that is delightful. The grouchy grandpa who is constantly looking to eat forbidden food gets old, but I still like it. So, if you are wanting to watch a funny movie the whole family can enjoy, I recommend this movie. You can rent it or buy from YouTube or watch it in Amazon Prime.

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