2022 Tuttle Twins Black Friday Sale!

Hey, it’s almost Thanksgiving, so that means it’s almost Black Friday! That means you can get all the Tuttle Twins books on sale!

Starting today, through midnight MST Friday November 25, you can save big on the Tuttle Twins books.

Connor Boyack, the author, has two deals for you.

Black Friday Deal #1: Get only all the Tuttle Twins books (shown above) for 75% off, along with some bonuses. The regular cost is $370 but you can get them for $93.88! That includes a paperback copy of all the 13 books, plus 13 read-along audiobooks, 13 activity workbooks, and 13 parent guides.

Black Friday Deal #2: (Shown below.) Get all the Tuttle Twins books shown above, PLUS some of the other books, and a card game, that the author, Connor Boyack has written. This includes his liberty-based toddler board books, his America’s History Part 1 book (1215-1776), and his teen and young adult fiction and nonfiction books. The sale price for that package is $238, 75% off the regular retail price of $826! What a great deal!

Here are all the contents of the Get it All Deal:

  • 13 paperback Tuttle Twins children’s books
  • 13 Tuttle Twins activity workbooks (PDF)
  • 13 Tuttle Twins audiobooks (MP3)
  • 13 parent guides for the Tuttle Twins books (PDF)
  • All 6 toddler board books
  • All 4 teen fiction novels
  • All 4 teen non-fiction guidebooks
  • Our new 240-page American history book
  • 200 pages of history curriculum (PDF)
  • American history audiobook
  • American history bonus videos
  • Tuttle Tales family card game
  • All of our Tuttle Twins e-books (PDF)

Remember, the sale ends on midnight MST Black Friday November 24. So don’t delay and go here to get the sale prices!

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1 Response to 2022 Tuttle Twins Black Friday Sale!

  1. karen Lind says:

    I only got the books.
    Where are the bonuses???


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