Tree of Life Mama’s Date Night Movie of the Week: The Heart of Christmas

I know it’s not Christmastime, but this movie is still worth watching right now. I’ve long wished for a movie about married love. This is one of them! After finding a copy of this movie at my local public library, my husband and I watched it last weekend for our date night. It’s such a sweet story, and best of all it’s true! It’s based on the true story of mommy blogger Julie Locke and her son Dax. The movie is told as a story within a story. Candace Cameron plays the female lead of the frame story. In her story, she finds herself as a mom who is stretched to the limit, juggling her mothering and career responsibilities. Her children and husband aren’t happy with what she’s doing, but she doesn’t want to cut back on work. What happens to change her mind? That’s where the story of Julie and Dax comes in. I won’t give the rest away, just go watch it! It’s free in Amazon Prime. It’s wholesome and a tearjerker. After watching it, you will have a warm glow in your heart and a desire to spend more time with your loved ones.

The video below shows the real Julie and Dax Locke.

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