3/9/23 Tree of Life Mama’s Book of the Week for Mothers: Memory Making Mom by Jessica Smartt

Image Credit: thriftbooks.com

It’s that time of year when life can be a bit…slow, bleh, and boring. The holidays have long been over, and unless you are rich and can go skiing a lot, winter is not fun and can seem to drag on and on. That is, unless you are intentional about cultivating a meaningful life, regardless of the calendar or weather. May I present to you this lovely book that helps you help your family create a wondrous and beautiful life, no matter the time or season of the year. I stumbled upon this book in scribd.com. (Go here to learn about scribd.com.) It is so wonderful! It’s all about the why and how of making family traditions in your home.

This book is for every mom who:

-wants to bring more fun into her life without much more effort or money

-wants to make memories with her children

-wants to feel that there’s more to mothering than cleaning, cooking, shopping, and feeding

This book is so wonderful! The author has a down-to-earth approach. She gives you the “why” for making family traditions as well as the “how,” without spending much money or time. The first 200+ pages are full of the “why” and the “how.” She talks about the catalyst of what brought her to be super intentional about family traditions. Then she has whole chapters for each of these topics that relate to family traditions: the work involved, being spontaneously open to adventures, the beauty we can have for everyday, food, holidays, religion, service, relationships, fostering learning, and the Sabbath Day. Then after those first 200 pages or so, she has an appendix with a list of 200+ family traditions! She has them categorized by seasons and other topics, like work, marriage, school, and more. I love it all! If you are a Christian mom who is always looking for more ways to keep your family connected, you will love it too! I give this book 5 out of 5 stars!

Here are some videos with the author below.

If you want to read the book, you can get it in scribd.com in both audio and text format. I love listening to this book in the evening as I brush my teeth, etc. getting ready for bed. You can sign up for a free 60 day trial of scribd here. Put an alarm on your phone to remind you in 45 days to evaluate how well you like it, then cancel if you don’t value it. Stay on as a subscriber if you do. I think you will love it! I can almost always find any book that someone recommends or assigns for our homeschooling life in scribd. (Disclosure: I receive a small compensation if you sign up, with that link, but your cost is the same, whether you sign up in my link or without it.)

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