The Story of an Italian Man and a Book With a Missing Cover

Photo Credit: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

For the next days of March, I’m going to be blogging about the Book of Mormon, in honor of its birthday on March 26th, which is coming up!

An Italian man named Vincenzo di Francesca found a book without a cover and title page on top of a barrel of ashes in an alley of New York City. Already a Christian, as a Protestant minister, he read the book and became even more converted to Jesus Christ because of it. After many years, he found out that the book was the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. The photo above is his hand-written testimony of Jesus Christ and the book.

Here is part of his testimony: He says this is what happened after he prayed to God, asking to know if the Book of Mormon is true:

“I felt my body become cold as the wind from the sea. Then my heart began to palpitate, and a feeling of gladness, as of finding something precious and extraordinary, bore consolation to my soul and left me with a joy that human language cannot find words to describe. I had received the assurance that God had answered my prayer and that the book was of greatest benefit to me and to all who would listen to its words.”

You can watch Vincenzo’s story below or read it here. That link has the paragraph I just copied plus much more. This is such a beautiful story!

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