3/21/23 Tree of Life Mama’s Book of the Week for Moms: The Holy Week for Latter-day Saint Families: a Guide to Celebrating Easter by Wendee Rosborough

Image Credit: goodreads.com

For some of us it still feels like winter, and it’s hard to believe that Easter is less than three weeks away, but since yesterday was the vernal equinox, it’s time to talk about spring and Easter! I’m so excited!!!

So to celebrate spring and the coming of Easter, my book of the week for mamas is the above book, Holy Week for Latter-day Saint Families by Wendee Rosborough. This is such a beautiful book! It has a name for every day of the Holy Week: “Cleansing Monday,” “Parables Tuesday,” and “Last Supper Thursday,” are just some examples. These names help you and your family remember what happened on each day of the Holy Week. For each of these days the author has compiled the following features:

-a QR code and link to a video from the Bible Videos that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints created that tell the story of Jesus Christ’s life from that day.

-hymns and songs from the Children’s Songbook that go with that day

-a scripture to memorize

-crafts, games, and activities to do to help you and your children to remember what happened on that day

She incorporates many traditional Easter activities such as making hot cross buns, coloring Easter eggs, empty tomb rolls, and doing an Easter egg hunt. She also adds many new-to-me ideas for Easter such as Parable Charades, Hidden Talent Hidden Objects, Service Basket, an Easter Story Wreath, Crown of Thorns, Bouquet of Paper Lilies, Destroying Angels game, and much more!

I love this book! It has so many child-friendly ideas, even down to the toddler level. I love the author’s explanation of how coloring Easter eggs connects to Jesus. She suggests hollowing out an egg and painting it gold, and adding it to your Easter egg hunt to symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus and the golden future his Resurrection gives us. She also has special ideas for celebrating General Conference in the spring, which you can do, regardless of whether or not General Conference falls on Easter.

I just love this book! If you love the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and Easter, you will love it too!

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