Wednesday’s Tip for Homeschooling: Add Something Fresh and Different to Your Morning Routine

I found some fun items from my last thrifting jaunt including this never-been-used Star Wars Mad Libs book. So I’m adding it to my Morning Basket! If you don’t know what a Morning Basket it is, it’s a place where I keep the materials I use for our morning routine for homeschooling. You can learn more about that here.

Here are the other fun things I got from my thrifting mini-haul:

It’s kind of hard to see the title of the book on the left, because I took the photo hastily and didn’t check it well enough (oops), and now I don’t want to retake it, so I’ll tell it to you. It’s The Curious Boy’s Book of Exploration. Worth the $1.50. The two boxes at the top are two sets of Tabletopics cards like the ones here on Amazon. Each only $1! Score! I’m keeping them by the dining room table to help spark dinnertime conversation. The pack of Little Golden Book Cards I got to use with my class of 6-7 year olds that I teach weekly, and also with my grands when they get older.

I was thrilled to find the Star Wars Mad Libs. Just the night before I had listened to this fun video below by Pam Barnhill. She has some great ideas to enliven up Morning Basket time when it starts to feel stale. I listened to it, thought, yeah, I want to get some Mad Libs like she said. When I was a kid I had so much fun with them. I remember laughing hysterically at some of the results. So I was feeling a lot of fondness for them and had them on my brain. Then voila, the next day, I found them at a thrift store, for only $1, never used! God is in the details of my life, for sure! We used them yesterday and I saw a fleeting smile on my son’s face before he saw me see it and then decided to hide it. My daughter was gone at the time but I can’t wait to use the book with both of them tomorrow.

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