Three Harvests in the World’s History, Last Days’ Timeline from the Pickerings, Plus Words from a Current Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ

Image Credit: Latter-day Media YouTube Channel

I am continually amazed by the videos produced by the Latter-day Media YouTube channel, featuring Rhonda and Farrell Pickering. The Pickerings have such beautiful, organized graphics that communicate so much truth from the scriptures. They go into such depth. With unfailing insight, they uncover so much beauty of the symbolism found in the holy words, going into layers of meaning. Here’s the latest video from the Pickerings below.

Below, I have copied and pasted from the YouTube page the questions answered in the video.

Questions This Episode:

1 – 4:50 Will the Gentiles still hear the Lord’s voice the same time as the “other sheep?” 3 Ne. 15:22-23

2 – 10:40 What is significant about how many times Naomi tries to dissuade Ruth from coming with her after they were widowed?

3 – 18:00 Who does Naomi represent symbolically, and who does Oprah represent?

4 – 40:00 What does “Sheol” mean and what did Joseph Smith say in his diary about it?

5 – 44:00 What were the 2 stages of Healing for the blind man?

6 – 51:00 Did the Apostles understand when Jesus foretold his death and resurrection? Why or why not?

7 – 1:30: 18 What place gave Rhonda the creeps in Israel? Why?

8 – 1:48: 00 Who bears the full responsibility traditionally for the tasks which brought about the atonement for Israel ?

Then here is a presentation of a timeline relating to the last days and Easter in two parts. You will learn “what you never knew about the ‘first fruits’ (Easter) and holidays hijacked.” Farrell interprets Daniel 7:3-8. He says the “lion” is Great Britain and the “eagle” is the United States. Not the original US started by the Founding Fathers, but the current, corrupted US gvt. You will also learn why all the prophets wanted to live in our day.

That reminds me of what Elder Neil L. Andersen said. He is an apostle today of the Lord Jesus Christ. I got to hear him just two days ago in person at a special meeting for my area of for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He shared, just like he did at RootsTech years ago, the story of Helaman, son of Nephi. Helaman lamented in Helaman 7:7 that he wished he had lived in a day when the people he preached to had better character. He wished they had been “easy to be entreated” like in the days of his ancestor Nephi. Elder Andersen told us that just like Helaman consigned himself to realize that “these are my days” (Helaman 7:9), we can be grateful that these are our days. We can be grateful for all the wonders of technology of our days. Despite the rising wickedness in the world and the grave spiritual dangers out there, God is providing a way for his righteous people to escape. I definitely felt the Holy Spirit when he said this. Just think, we are living in a day that all the prophets wanted to live in! Here is the talk he gave at RootsTech that I am referring to.

Here is a talk Elder Andersen gave at BYU years ago, below, that has a similar theme to the one I heard this past Sunday. It’s very comforting to know that the Lord is blessing us with compensatory spiritual powers in our days, especially the ease in which we can do family history research and temple work. This power is one of the powers that protects us from evil.

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