4/25/23 Tuesday’s Tip for Homeschooling: Create a Nature Study Group

Today’s tip for homeschooling is to find your homeschooling community by starting a nature group. Listen below to the video with Pam Barnhill and Joy Cherrick to learn more. I never thought of doing a nature group in order to find other homeschooling families, but now I can totally see it’s such a great way. Pam and Joy explain why in the video with these reasons:

-it’s easier to find a place to meet outside instead a dedicated space inside

-the shared passion of “nature” can unite many different types of homeschoolers: unschoolers, Charlotte Masoners, Classical Conversationalists, etc. The study of nature is a powerful unifying force. You an find a variety of homeschoolers by attracting them with a study of nature.

You can find Joy’s website here about nature sturdy. Then you can see the podcast Joy does with her children here.

Want to play some nature-themed games? Go here.

Want to read some nature-themed picture books? Go here.

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