Have I Seen the Hand of God Reaching Out to Me Today?

My daughter is home from college for the three-day weekend. It has been so much fun to have her home! She’s only been gone for two weeks, so it’s hardly like she’s been gone. We’ve missed her, but even when she was home, she was home half the time because of all of her activities. I am happy that she is learning and growing at college, and I am also happy that she came home for the weekend. The day before she came home, she told me over the phone that she bought all this new makeup from the Dressing Your Truth online shop, and that her new glasses had arrived as well. She was wondering if the frames went with her energy of Type 4, because she said they made her feel angry. The energy of Type 4 is peaceful and still. So I started wondering what these frames were like. They must be harsh and angular. I have seen a lot of glasses that look attractive at first glance but then when I put them on they make me look totally ugly. I wondered if this is what happened to my daughter. She ordered the frames online and my dh and I were skeptical that they would work out. I kept thinking of Mrs. Potatohead giving the “angry eyes” to Mr. Potatohead in Toy Story. Were these new glasses giving her “angry eyes”?

So I guess my subconscious really got worried about all of her new fashions in harmony with her energy.  I had this horrible dream that she took her Carol Tuttle Dressing Your Truth energy Type 4 thing too far. For the past month or so, she has been telling me that Type 4s, like her, look really good in black. So she has been getting black pants, black and white shirts, black leggings, and shiny black power heels.  In my dream, er, nightmare, she came home from college with her beautiful face covered with this ghastly blackish, greenish, makeup foundation all over her face.  She thought it was soooo lovely. She has cousins with black skin, but their skin is a lovely chocolate color. This black color was totally eerily unearthly because of the greenish, ghoulish tint. The nightmare seemed so real. I kept wondering why her roommates hadn’t gently helped her seen the light that it was ugly.  Especially the line of demarcation of makeup between her neck and her jawline. She wouldn’t even hug me because she thought the makeup would rub off on me.

Imagine my relief when she arrived home, without the ghastly black foundation. She looked a lot more grown-up with her new makeup and her high-fashion eyewear. This is such a big change! She went for years wearing no makeup, even though I said she could start wearing mascara when she was 14, and the works after she turned 16. She has gone from being au naturel to wearing bright red and bright pink lipstick now, mascara, and eyebrow pencil. Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly are now her fashion icons, as she tells me that they were both Type 4s and that Type 4s are usually classic beauties. I am still wondering about this. So are all “classic beauties” Type 4? And just what is a “classic beauty”?

I do like this news about Type 4, as I have always liked the looks of Audrey and Grace. She keeps telling me that I am not a Type 2, like I claim, but a Type 4, and possibly a secondary Type 1. I will take both of those as a compliment. I have had Type envy for a while, wanting to be a Type 1. I heard Carol Tuttle speak at the Moms’ Retreat last summer. I heard her speak and decided I was Type 2/4. But I want to be Type 1. I’ve always loved the bounciness, cuteness, and colors of Type 1. It’s definitely not my primary type though. I am gradually reconciling to perhaps being a Type 4. Compared to my mom, who is strictly Type 2, I am definitely Type 4.

I am also pleased that she’s getting into makeup because she went for a few years saying she wanted to be naturally pure, and therefore, makeup free. Of course I am biased as her mother because I’ve always felt she is beautiful and that she would look even more beautiful with some makeup to enhance it. 

Well, to totally change the topic to something spiritual since it is the Sabbath, I posted the above video because it is of a General Conference talk that I have always loved by Pres. Henry B. Eyring. In the address he says that he has a habit of asking himself every day in the evening before he goes to bed, “How have I seen the hand of God reaching out to me today?” Then he writes the answer down. He does this not so much for himself but for his posterity. When I first heard him say this, I felt a quickening in my heart, a spiritual witness that this was something God wanted me to do and I would do it someday. And now I am. It’s a lot easier to do it now that I don’t have any babies under the age of 4 and bedtime is a lot more predictable. After the little kids are read aloud to and tucked in,  I get out my Girl Power journal that I learned to keep from the Eternal Warriors/Mothers Who Know class, and I ask myself that question before I go to sleep.

So I want to share how God reached out to me yesterday. I started teaching a class on heroes of the World Wars two weeks ago to some homeschooled kids at our Commonwealth School, ages 13 to 16. Years ago I read the two books on the World Wars by Richard Maybury and that was an eye opener. These books taught me that the wars weren’t as glorious as Hollywood and public schools make them out to be. The Founding Fathers would not have approved of them. In this class we are reading these books. The kids are supposed to interview three World War II vets and create a video or paper about the interviews. They are supposed to also keep a hero journal of heroes from the war. I want them to dig deep and find the unsung heroes we don’t usually hear about.

So I’ve been wondering who I can teach them about. I don’t want to glorify war. I’ve also been wondering who to bring to class. I want to bring a guest speaker, someone who lived through the war as an adult. They are pretty rare these days. We had a vet in our neighborhood who was actually at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed, but he passed away a few years ago. I bear witness that God knew these desires of my heart, and he reached out to me through two different people yesterday at the Utah Eagle Forum conference. I saw my husband’s cousin there, Cousin Larry, a fellow pursuer of liberty. We exchanged greetings, then I went to work to set up my table for the vendor fair. Then Cousin Larry introduced me to a distinguished looking man. When he told me the name I said to this new man, “Oh, did you write an article about Pearl Harbor?”

“Yes,” he said. 

“Wow,” I said. “I’ve seen your name! You are famous! I found your article online three days ago when I was doing research for my class I teach a group of homeschooled youth on the world wars. We had a pleasant, highly informative conversation. He is a wealth of knowledge about history and politics.  His father is a WW2 vet, who flew 26 combat missions. He won the Distinguished Flying Service. Yet the father does not glorify war and feels some regrets about happened with the war. This man who told me all of this was the perfect person I could talk to! I invited him to come speak to my group about his father and he accepted. I am so excited! I know that God wanted me to meet him and worked through Cousin Larry to bring me to this man so he could teach my class this wealth of truth.

One more way God reached out to me: I have been wanting some new skirts. I’ve been in a rut wearing my denim skirt all the time. I wanted some skirts that would be neutral to go with lots of my tops. The skirts had to be neutral and fit my curvy body. I went to D.I. Friday and yesterday on a date with dh and found two khaki skirts that look great on my curvy, ample body! Plus a green polka dot that is very Type 1 but I just had to get it. It is so cute! As I was writing about this in my letter to God last night, acknowledging him reaching out to me, I felt a strong, warm, sense of His love for me. I know He is there and he watches over us, and occasionally grants us our hidden desires, without our even asking Him.

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