Come to the Agency-based Education Conference Sat. Nov. 22

Here is a message from Oak Norton, the founder of the Agency-Based Education conference. I hope to see you all there on Sat. Nov. 22. The above video features Aneladee Milne, who spoke at the conference last year.

Hello friends,

Final Call for Agency-Based Education Conference
I have to turn in the final count of attendees by this Friday to order lunch for the Agency-Based Education conference on Saturday 11/22. This is going to be an amazing conference. The opportunity to hear Neil Flinders speak alone is a great opportunity. Neil will be selling his new book, “Joseph Smith, America’s Greatest Educator” at the conference. He will be speaking on a subject that will be of interest to everyone, not just members of the LDS faith.
The range of speakers we have will provide something for everyone including two different speakers talking about two unique private schools, one in operation right now in Southern Utah. These will give you ideas for educating your own children whether or not you homeschool, public school, or are looking for a private school experience.
Another speaker will address how to mentor your child. Another will speak on the Constitution. Another will show you how to save thousands on college tuition for your child by graduating from high school with an associates degree, and Senator Margaret Dayton will speak on parental rights in Utah.
A Major Solution
For 10 years people have criticized myself and others for pointing out problems and saying we didn’t offer solutions (ie. their solutions). This was a red herring though, because we have constantly pointed out solutions which those in power didn’t like.
I will be presenting at this conference, a roadmap to local control of education which I believe is common sense and provides for a more than 100x increase in parental involvement in our school system. I believe it is the ultimate solution to all the nonsensical education fads that come down the pike. Once and for all we can put education where it should be.
I sincerely hope you will make the effort to attend. It is so important that people understand and advocate for this. We need an army of people to understand this plan to be able to effectively lobby legislators to sponsor, co-sponsor, and vote in favor of this plan.
Please sign up here:
Oak Norton, Director, ABE

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