How to Decorate on a Dime

So, lately I’ve been thinking about sprucing up my house, especially because my missionary son who left two years ago this month is coming home in less than two weeks! Yes, I am shouting there! We are so excited to see him!

Our living room couches are almost threadbare and the springs are sagging in one of them. It’s definitely time to replace those. I would also like to get some art up. 

I’ve always known that my home doesn’t look as swell as it could. I know I have it in me to decorate, but the inner decorator has been submerged for decades by homeschooling and mothering my brood of seven and tight budget constraints. I’ve been inspired by a few of my frugal decorative friends through the years, like Shauna. I remember one of our Veggie Gals lunches where she showed us the beautiful framed oval mirror she picked up at the thrift store. It had a piece of it broken off and she fixed it with salt dough, perfectly matching the salt dough to the wood with pain for a seamless look! That got me thinking, someday I am going to start attracting things to make my home more beautiful. 

Well, that started yesterday when I got a beautiful floral couch for free. I stumbled across the above video from the DoItOnaDime blog’s YouTube channel and now I feel amazingly more empowered to decorate on the cheap, from the Dollar Store and D.I/Goodwill/Saver’s. Here are my of her videos. I am addicted to these!

The video below shows how she organized her pantry with cute, cheap, chalk paint labels to make as she says “a cohesive look” in the pantry.

The above video is her a tour of her home decorated for fall.

This one is her home for last year’s Christmas. I love all these ideas!

Last, but not least, here’s a video about how to make a beautiful charging station for your mobile devices using a nightstand, a hook, and a basket. I love this! I am totally doing it!


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