Gluten Free-Pumpkin Pie Crust and How to Decoratively Crimp It

It’s pie time! It’s never too late to bone up on your pie-making skills so you can have this delicious, traditional American dessert.

This blog post from the past gives you a recipe for whole foods pumpkin pie from Sarah Pope, thehealthyhomeconomist. I hope you involve your children in the process, so they know that pumpkin pie comes from pumpkins you can grow and puree at home, not from a can!

Heather Dessinger has a recipe for pumpkin pie with a gluten free pie crust here. Watch her video above for a tutorial on crimping the edge. It’s so much prettier than just pressing a fork into the crust. She also has great links on that page for roasted turkey, grain-free stuffing, thick gravy, and roasted chili lime pumpkin seeds. Yum!

What if you want to be gluten-free, coconut and almond free as well? Then do like I learned from Diane Hopkins and bake the filling without a crust! Here is her recipe on her blog with a crust, but if memory serves me right, in her cookbook that I bought 20+ years ago, she said she sometimes bakes it with out a crust.  I am avoiding grains right now and my 13 year old son is allergic to coconuts and almonds so we will be going without a crust again this year. The pie I made at the top of the page has no crust and is still yummy!

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