Why do the Trim Healthy Mama Diet?



The above video features the authors of the Trim Healthy Mama book explaining the main principles of the diet.

Who is the Trim Healthy Mama diet for?

-people who want to get off insulin

-people who want to get off thyroid medication

-people who want to lose weight without sacrificing taste

-people with a sugar addiction who want to cut it off but can’t bear to be in a life without desserts and sweet treats

-people who have lost weight with low carb diets but are now having hormone imbalances. They need more carbs but don’t want to gain weight back that tends to come with eating carbs.

-people who want some yummy new recipes to spice up their lives!

I have been following the Trim Healthy Mama facebook group. It is so cool to see so many people out there healing using the THM diet, not just by losing weight, but by improving other issues. Every day people are posting pictures of their victories. Some involve weight loss, some involve other health issues. Here is one story shared by a woman about her senior citizen mother who it sounds like was put on a THM diet. The woman who posted the story says that when she moved her mom into her home to live with her, her mother “was over 350 lbs, required major amounts of insulin & thyroid along with at least 20 other meds. She had osteoporosis & B12 deficiency. Due to eating non-processed, healthy foods, (I’m her sole caregiver so she doesn’t have much choice) 😉, today she weighs 237, has normal bone density, 1/3 her thyroid meds, 1/4 the insulin, & no longer has high cholesterol! How’s that for a victory?”

I have extended the deadline for the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook giveaway. Please go over here to make a comment at the bottom of the post so you are considered entered into the giveaway.



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1 Response to Why do the Trim Healthy Mama Diet?

  1. Jessica Blatter says:

    I have just recently learned of these amazing ladies and am so interested in their book!!! I would absolutely LOVE to be the winner! Thank you so much, Celestia for all you do for so many in so many ways. You are an inspiration! Can’t wait to hear if I win!


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