LEMI Training: or How to Homeschool Teens


Last week I attended this thing called LEMI Training in Salt Lake City, UT. LEMI stands for Leadership Education Mentoring Institute. The purpose of LEMI is to train homescool parents on how to mentor youth to achieve scholar phase. My friends, Tiffany Earl and Aneladee Milne created LEMI. Attending the annual training in SLC has almost become a tradition for me. I haven’t been every year, but almost every one, since 2008. I missed the past two years which I was so sad about. Every year, the first day of training on Thursday morning involves a free session open to anybody, to come and learn about LEMI philosophy. You can watch the above video to get basically the same presentation I saw last week. This year my friends Kent and Amy Bowler did it. It had some of the same stuff I’ve seen before and more added. I have to say, this is the first year I have cried during it. The stories they told were so powerful! I’m sad that the stories are missing in the above video.

This video above features my dear friend Amy Bowler explaining a bit about LEMI Training.

LEMI holds trainings to teach parents how to mentor LEMI Scholar Projects. Scholar Projects are classes taught by homeschooled moms and dads for youth ages 12 to 18, usually in informal groups, homeschool co-ops, or New Commonwealth Schools. These classes are held once a week. My four older children have completed most of these projects and loved them. I trained this year to teach Quest 3 which I am super excited about. Why is it so important to me that my children participate in Quest 1, 2, and 3? My friend and second cousin Jorgina wrote about that here.

We watched the video below by Sir Ken Robinson to help us know why a change in the education paradigm is so important.



If you’ve ever wanted to hold classes for your homeschooled youth and other youth in your area, I highly suggest you study LEMI’s philosophy and get trained in a scholar project to bring to your area. After you watch these videos in this blog post, you can watch other videos here in a blog post. Here are some musings from my 2012 LEMI Training.  Then here are other blog posts about my LEMI Trainings through the years. You can learn more here.


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