Going Deeper with the Carol Tuttle Four Energy Types

I learned about Carol Tuttle’s Energy Profliling System several years ago. I got to hear her speak at a Moms’ Retreat which was tons of fun. I’ve enjoyed learning about it, AND I’ve been frustrated that certain people in my life don’t seem to fit into any of the types. They baffle me. That’s why I’m so excited to have visited with a friend this past week where I discovered a personality/energy typing system that explains why. This is the ancient enneagram system, based on three Hebraic principles. It has 9 types! Wow! I am finally solving some mysteries. Like what type my husband is, and why three of my sons who seem very different all seem to have aspects of Carol Tuttle’s Type 3. Even using the Secondary Types I haven’t been able to figure them out. With the enneagram you have 9 types, and then even more permutations because each type has a “wing” and a “variant.” I hope you enjoy learning about this system so that you relate to yourself and others better. It fascinates me! Here’s a book you can get about it and a shorter video.

Then there’s also this book, Personality Types: Using the Enneagram in Self-Discovery. 

It’s by one of the coauthors of the original book and is a bit more readable because it doesn’t go as deep. I have some awesome news to share from my friend about all this but I will wait until she goes public with it to share.

Disclaimer: This post has amazon affiliate links.

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