Feasting and General Conference


Who’s ready for feasting during, at, and from General Conference? I heard from my missionary son, who heard from his missionary president, that some big announcements are coming!

I have a new friend who looooooves General Conference. It marks the time when, as an investigator, she gained a testimony of the teachings of the gospel as taught by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As an investigator, she had a problem that she prayed about. God answered her by telling her to watch the upcoming General Conference. She didn’t even know what it was, so she had to ask her friend who already has a testimony. Her friend came over to her house to watch it with her. Then during that Conference weekend, my friend had an amazing spiritual experience. So she celebrates every General Conference as a wonderful weekend of physical and spiritual feasting. For her it’s almost as exciting as Christmas.

I love that! I have been working for years on making General Conference feel like a feast day or holiday. It certainly felt like it was this time when my dh and I went on a date in the middle of sessions to a feast held in conjunction with Conference. Making it wonderful at home with lots of restless kids is a different story. I’m still not perfect at it, and am still figuring it out. Here are some ideas that I’m tossing out but by no means am perfect at. I realize this is late for me to be publishing on the eve of General Conference. I’m in Baby Land visiting my new grand baby, and have to snatch bits of blogging time between helping my daughter postpartum. So alas, this is at the end of the week instead of the beginning as I had hoped. Bookmark this for 2019 if needs be! I’m not with most of my family right now so I want to make up for April 2019 Conference!

1. Have special food. We’ve done natural yeast cinnamon rolls for several years for breakfast on one of the mornings. My friend mentioned above makes pumpkin cinnamon rolls for fall and regular ones for spring I suppose. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed at the thought of having two days of special feast foods and still am deciding how to do conference meals, after over two decades of mothering, LOL! Here are some ideas though: bacon and eggs, muffins or waffles, for breakfast, snacks you usually don’t have for grazing all through the two sessions, then something unusual you don’t have for dinner like jam and scones with a milkshake.

2. Have fun activities to help you focus on the speakers. I simply take notes. Some people like to do a General Conference Bingo or Color the neckties of the male speakers, or play fantasy General Conference (just Google it). Having new crayons, markers or pens to do all this makes it extra special.  I’ve spent many years making activity pages for my kids, but they are older now so we don’t use those as much anymore. My 9 year old still asks for these Book of Mormon paper dolls. Google or go to Pinterest to find lots more ideas, but please don’t make it overwhelming, keep it simple for whatever season you are in. For review, I like to do General Conference Jeopardy a few weeks later.

3. Have Decorations. You can have all the fall decorations out for Oct. conference and all the Easter decorations for the April conference. Maybe do a special General Conference banner like the one here. Jocelyn Christensen has some fun ideas here.

Happy General Conference-ing everybody! I will be doing the best activity of all, snuggling with my new grandson!

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