Resources for Celebrating the Gospel Restoration’s Bicentennial

Have you been wondering how to follow President Nelson’s admonition to study the restoration of the gospel in order to prepare for General Conference this April 2020?

One way is to watch the above video. Then ponder in what ways you have heard God the Father, and write about it. Then ponder what ways you are seeking to hear Him, and write about that. Then approach General Conference with those questions in mind, with a prayer, and write the thoughts that come to you after Conference regarding those questions.

Here are some more videos to watch. These three videos below by David Butler are so incredibly funny, engaging, and insightful.





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Emily Belle Freeman has a Countdown to Restoration Advent here on I love how she has a theme for each week, and then within each week she has an activity for each day.

Then there’s this study guide here from


I have directions for making a Gospel Restoration Timeline Card Game here.

I hope those don’t overwhelm you. Pick what works for you and enjoy! Personally, I’m barely having my family keep up with the Come, Follow Me study readings and questions. I may just do Emily’s Restoration advent on my own and then share what I’m learning with my family at mealtime.

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