Stories and Songs for March’s Themes of Family Roots and Gospel Restoration


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I just love March because of the themes of springtime, new beginnings, roots (natural for you if you are Irish and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, if not Irish, just extrapolate the theme to your own ancestral roots) the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Book of Mormon (its birthday is in March). To celebrate I’m sharing a list from my Celestial Family Devotionals ebook of songs and stories about those themes. Click on the links below to go to the song or story.



Use these songs and stories for your family devotionals. You are doing devotionals right? Here’s how to do them if you don’t know, in the video by Diann Jeppson above. With increased family togetherness forced upon us by the pandemic, this is the best time ever to learn how to hold them. Telling these stories I’ve listed here below in your devotionals will increase your family coziness during this crazy time. Use them while the kiddos are putting together a puzzle or doing some other activity with their hands busy and their brains available to listen.

I do devotionals on weekdays, in the afternoons,  in addition to our family “PoWeR Hour” of the personal PoWeR actions of Pray, Read, and Write in the early morning before I have to drive to seminary. Sometimes, however, I will add a story from the list of stories below to our PoWeR actions in the morning or use it at dinner. Perhaps someday I will combine the two rituals into one. Sometimes I will text the story to my older, out-of-the nest children. You can read about how I discovered the power of doing my scripture study and prayer along side each family member doing their personal study, first thing in the morning, here.


Joseph Smith’s First Prayer #26

The Voice of God Again is Heard #18

What Was Witnessed In the Heavens? #11

An Angel From On High #13

Now We’ll Sing With One Accord #25

The Iron Rod #274

Turn Your Hearts #291


Music from the Ensign

On One Spring Day 4/74


Music from the New Era

The Book of Mormon Has Come Forth 9/09

Glad Tidings From Cumorah 8/94

A Voice Whispers From the Earth 8/91

To Those With Pure Intent 6/94

Plain and Precious Truth 5/98


Children’s Songs

Springtime is Coming CS p. 238, copyright restrictions prevent lyrics being on, so please see a hard copy of the CS

Because It’s Spring CS p. 239

In the Leafy Treetops CS p. 240

Birds in the Tree CS p. 241a

Rain is Falling All Around CS p. 241b

Popcorn Popping CS p. 242

The Sacred Grove CS p. 87

On a Golden Springtime CS p. 88

Book of Mormon Stories CS p. 118

The Books in the Book of Mormon CS p. 119

The Third Article of Faith p. 123 CS

The Golden Plates CS p. 86

Popcorn Popping CS p. 242

The Sacred Grove CS p. 87

On a Golden Springtime CS p. 88

Book of Mormon Stories CS p. 118

The Books in the Book of Mormon CS p. 119

The Third Article of Faith p. 123 CS

The Golden Plates CS p. 86

An Angel Came to Joseph Smith CS p. 86

The Book of Mormon Teaches Me, Friend 1/88

Family History I Am Doing It CS p. 94 CS

The Hearts of the Children CS p. 92 CS

Truth From Elijah CS p. 90 

A Young Boy Named Joseph, Friend 5/95

Hand in Hand Together, Friend 5/01

Truth Restored, Friend 12/05

There is Love In My Family Tree, Friend 10/16


Other Music

Find Our Cousins 

Poetry from the Friend

Welcome to Spring! 3/87

Read the Book of Mormon 3/04

A Boy Seeking Answers 4/10

Trading 3/15

My Family Tree 10/09


Poetry From LaDawn Jacob’s Favorite Family Devotional Poems (get over here)

Good Timber p. 74


Other Traditional Poetry

The Heritage by James Russell Lowell

Your Name by Edgar A. Guest

The Bluebird’s Song by Emily Huntington Miller


Stories from the Friend About the Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon Power 5/17 (not a story, but short not-to-be-missed counsel from Pres. Monson)

F2F: Walter Gonzalez, The Book on the Shelf 1/17

The Story of the Book of Mormon 5/12

F2F: Silvia Allred, Racing to Read 5/11

F2F: Kevin R. Duncan, The Book Was True! 3/13

The Best Chapter Book 4/02

Protecting the Gold Plates 6/08

Scriptures in a Suitcase 6/04

F2F: Hans Verlan Andersen 6/89

F2F: Walter Gonzalez 3/03

F2F: Elder Robert S. Wood 8/02

How We Got the Book of Mormon 4/80

Joseph Smith Receives the Gold Plates 5/08

F2F: Elder Merrill C. Oaks 11/99

The Book of Mormon Club 6/17

Fiction or Nonfiction 1/12

F2F: Elder Gerald Causse, How I Gained a Testimony 10/11

I Finished the Book of Mormon 4/16

F2F: Elder Michael T. Ringwood, Being LIke Shiblon 6/17

Nephi: Journey to the Promised Land 1/16

Nephi’s Family Crosses the Ocean 2/16

King Benjamin Teaches His People 3/16

Alma Baptizes Many People 4/16

Ammon’s Good Example 5/16

Alma Teaches How to Pray 6/16

Captain Moroni’s Flag 7/16

Samuel Teaches About Jesus Christ 8/16

Jesus Visits the Nephites 9/16

Traveling to the Promised Land 10/16

Mormon Writes on the Golden Plates 11/16

Moroni’s Special Promise 12/16

F2F: Elder Monte J. Brough, the Dawning of a Testimony 9/05

F2F: Elder D. Todd Christofferson, How Can I Feel Close to Jesus Christ? 12/15

Book of Mormon Buddies 4/18


Stories from the Friend About Ancestry and Research

Finding Grandpa Oskar 8/02

Gobo Fango 3/03

The Memory Box 4/10

Treasure Box 3/17

Grandma’s Doll 8/02

My Family Tree 10/16

Family Gift Tree 11/98

It’ll Make Your Arms Strong 11/98

CLPV: Your Fascinating History 6/05

F2F: Douglas Shumway, Family Ties 4/05

Loving Those 2/15

To Save Our Ancestors 8/02

Family History Help 7/09

My Family History Miracle 2/08

I Can Do Family History! 9/17

Family History 1-2-3 9/10

A Century of Genealogy 3/94

Family History Fun 2/18


Stories from the New Era About the Book of Mormon 

How Seminary Changed Me and My Family Forever 8/13

Why the Book of Mormon? by Elvin Jerome Laceda 9/16

I Know that My Redeemer Lives 3/16

Pocket Sized Strength 10/09

Why the Book of Mormon? By Pres. Henry B. Eyring 5/08

What He Says, Goes 6/08 (scroll down to the second story)

I Couldn’t Put It Down 1/09

A Guide for Your Life 6/95 (a collection of three stories)

Your Testimony and the Book of Mormon 9/17

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure 7/11

I Knew Nephi 6/95

The Most Useful Piece of Knowledge 1/09

The Experiment 6/95

Searching for the Right Church 3/10

Learning to Hope 11/06

God’s Guiding Hand 7/08

A Captain for the Cause 6/11

An Exceptional Book, an Exceptional Answer 10/07

I Felt the Power 10/07

Making Friends with Moroni 6/99

Five Laps 7/99

Cham Nap 5/86

Growing Toward the Good 5/86

Our Book of Mormon Project 10/12

5 Lesser-Known Heroes in the Book of Mormon 10/17

The Book of Mormon: Read All About It! 9/03


Stories from the New Era About Ancestry

Putting the Puzzle Together 11/06

Three Ways to Be Involved in Family History 2/17

We’ll All Be Together Again 7/16

The Family Secret 11/04

Injured and Alone 5/07

Finding Mary Redhead 6/10

Leading Out on Family History 10/14

My Jeep is History Too 10/82

Saving the Stories 9/03

Where in History is Josh Taylor? 4/98

Family History I Am Doing It! 10/14 (a collection of short stories of youth doing the work)

These Are Your Days 2/15 (not a story, but such valuable counsel and promise from Elder Neil L. Andersen, not to be missed!)

Personal Progress On My Family Tree 2/17

Firm Foundations 3/18 (scroll to the story titled “Is My Family History Really Done?”

Accepting the #TempleChallenge 1/17

Better than a Loaf of Bread 4/15

Ask Papa 8/15

Kevin Made it Happen 10/15

Family History Unites Families 1/14

Real to Me 10/14

Branching Out to Strengthen Home and Family 1/13

Gratitude for Family–Past and Present 6/13

Unexpected Calling 8/13

Family History Leads You to the Temple 7/13


Stories from the Ensign About the Book of Mormon

A Book You Can Respect 9/77

Stepping Stones to Truth 10/97

How The Book of Mormon Found Me 1/01

Promise Me You Will Read 1/03 

The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon 1/88

The Book of Mormon Was My Answer 10/88

Gold Plates and Printer’s Ink 9/76

Hold to the Rod 6/71

It Took Thirteen Years to Cross the Street 8/86

“There Are Prophets Today!” She Told Me 8/80

Let Me See That Book 1/96 

I Had Read This Book Before! 1/96

The Book that Would Not Burn 10/86 

1000 Copies of the Book of Mormon 9/89 

There is Room in My Chart Bag 9/89 

“It’s True! This is the Word of God!” 7/85

Underneath the Bookshelf 7/02

I Couldn’t Get Rid of the Book 1/92

The Blue Book 1/92

From a Book Coming Forth 7/88

Fighting Fire With Faith 1/96

For Each Season of My Life 9/02

Why We Ask People to Read the Book of Mormon 8/84

A Dream Come True 8/84

Living By The Spirit 8/84 (This article has many stories about teaching children to live by the Spirit. The paragraph that begins, “We’re on our third time through the Book of Mormon…” which includes a simulation done in a family setting is my favorite.)


Stories from the Ensign About Ancestry and Research

In Search of My Dad–Online 10/09

Grandpa Father 3/15

“I Am Not a Son” 4/15 

You Removed My Sadness 6/13

The Parents You Have Not Known 2/88

Unexplained Birth Certificate 1/87 

The Chance to Say I Love You 1/87

More than Names 1/87

They Waited 2000 Years 9/07

Faceless Man 1/98

I Didn’t Give Up 9/08

Family History Reflections 9/08 

Searching in Finland 9/08

An Adopted Son’s Family History Journey 7/17

Who Turned My Head? 10/07 

Uncle Gilberto’s Memory 10/07 

Net Results 2/04

Thanks for Finding Me! 1/06

Treasure from China 7/95

Go Back to the Beginning 4/99

Please Do My Work 8/83

I Found Them! 10/01 

Briefcase from the Dump 2/93

Cornmans’ Request 7/88

Finding Grandpa Pablo 9/03

I Found It! 8/05

Discovering My Icelanders 8/81

A Bag of Food and 20 Marks 12/05

Searching for Ancestors and Finding the Truth 3/18

My Note on the Gravestone 6/14

Our Family Heritage Month 3/03

Grandpa Wrote a Book 2/95

“Michelle, Is That You?” 6/99

Christian Karlsson 3/18

They Walk With Me 1/17

A Visit from Milton 4/14

Daddy, Do Not Leave Me Here! 7/09

Family History Treasure Hunt 7/13

Can I Have a Blessing? 1/13

Young Adults: I Find Joy in Family History When 6/14

Protecting Our Youth Through Family History  10/15

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