General Conference and Easter are Coming! Get Ready!

With all the turmoil going on, it’s just soooooo good to feel the bright spots coming up…General Conference this Sunday, and Easter, the following Sunday!

So watch above and below for ideas on how you can prepare spiritually.

Foodwise, it’s time to get some Easter molds from amazon if you want to make Easter chocolates. Here’s my recipe for the chocolate. Then here’s my recipe for marshmallows. Combining the two together makes one of my favorite Easter treats, chocolate dipped marshmallows.

For more spiritual helps, here are more resources. Scroll to the bottom and start with Tradition #1. Also see the video above.

I’ve been sharing restoration stories with my children the past weeks and now I’m going to start sharing Easter stories.



I made a cake last night to celebrate the birthday of the Book of Mormon, which is March 26, 1830. So instead of celebrating on March 26, last Thursday, we celebrated last night, with cake, ice cream, and a movie!


IMG_6841 (1).jpg


We ate our cake, sugar-free and grain-free, while watching the video below. (My new version of a classic yellow keto cake. Recipe coming soon!) This documentary is very interesting! It says that the birthday of the Book of Mormon (March 26) is the same day as the First Vision, but ten years apart, 1830 vs. 1820. I love that the video shows interviews from four scholars, an astronomist, a church historian (Dr. Susan Easton Black), an economic historian, and a meteorologist, PLUS a maple syrup farmer, to pinpoint the exact date. So fascinating!

I just love that April General Conference, Easter, the anniversaries of the Book of Mormon, the First Vision, and the birthday of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (April 6, 1830) are all in spring. So symbolic!

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