The Bread Geek Speaks!


My friend Olivia is getting me and a bunch of other friends into baking with natural yeast, aka sourdough, which is new for some and “again” for me. I did it for years but then seasons shifted and I got out of the habit.  With the near-apocalypse upon us, it is time to discover or rediscover the self-reliant and health-promoting skill of using natural yeast, since commercial yeast might not always be in stores.


Melissa Richardson, coauthor of the book at the top, hasn’t had her blog up for a while, to share her knowledge beyond her two books.

Book cover image credits:


Her Facebook group hasn’t been active either, but she just posted a video in the group recently (March 31). In the video, she spoke about natural yeast baking during the pandemic! Yay!

Go here to watch.


You can see my recipes using natural yeast here:



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