#abookandagameaday, Th. 4/23/20, still social distancing

I read this to Bugsy for bedtime. A great story about Jackie. I read it years ago to an older child. It was good to revisit and be reminded of Jackie’s courage to stand for himself and his right to play in the major leagues because of his talent. Then we finished the Tuttle Twins book below. I played the audiobook version for part of it, while the kiddos did dishes, and was delighted to discover that a long-time homeschool mom friend of mine is the narrator. You can get the Tuttle Twins books here. (That’s an affiliate link, so if you buy, I do receive a commission, but the cost to you is the same whether you buy through my link or another link.)

Then we played Cashflow, the board game by Robert Kiyosaki. We bought this game over 20 years ago. We stopped playing it during our  money problems. Maybe that made the money problems drag out? Maybe if we had kept playing it, the game would have kept our vision up and we would have solved our money problems sooner. It felt good to play it again, this time around, teaching the younger kids who were not even born or babies when we used to play it, so it was new to them. We had to put a bookmark in it to play the next night.



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