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Tuesday April 21, 2020

I haven’t blogged in a while about our picture books and games. So I’m just going to do a massive blog post and catch up all at once. I’ll put what we did today and work backwards to the last post. I’ll keep my comments to brief or none at all to get through this quickly. I also can’t remember all the books we read every day.

I got the above picture book through Libby, an app that most public libraries have. It allows you to borrow digital books. Go to this delightful blog post here to learn more about using it. How did that blogger know my feelings? She echoes them exactly. I could have blogged those words. We miss you dear public library! We could all use some fresh library books now right? I am going through the ValueTales series that I’ve had stashed for years but sometimes I want something shorter. The crayon book above isn’t super short but it’s shorter than the ValueTales books.

IMG_6869 (2).JPG

We also played these games online in zoom with some homeschooling friends. The top two games I just held up the cards to the webcam and we played from there. As far as the game on the bottom of the pile goes, to learn how to play my mashup of Say Anything and Quiplash in zoom, go here. It’s so much fun!


Monday April 20, 2020



A family favorite from my childhood. This version doesn’t come with a bell like the version from my childhood did. Bummer. The bell’s so fun. So get the bell version. i guess they figure we all use our phones to make the noise but I like the real deal better.



Saturday April 18, 2020


Started the above with Bugsy. Will read a bit every night. Davy Crockett, what a man!

Scattergories Game

I played the above online with my parents and two siblings. First time I’ve had an online game night with them. Yay! Here’s where you can do it too. Click on the arrow button to play. Screenshare it in zoom with your remote players. When the time’s up, share your lists.

Friday April 17, 2020

This was a fun girls’ night online with some of my Veggie Gals. We played two games, Guess Who Wrote the Recipe? and Guess Who Said It? We wrote a cookbook together years ago so it was fun to name the recipe title, and see if anyone could guess who contributed the recipe.  I’ve known a lot of these girlfriends for over 20 years so we share a lot of memories.


Thursday April 16, 2020


I played Jeopardy with my Hero Class. Go here to play the game I wrote and then make your own game. I felt it was time for us all to review the Constitution and some Revolutionary Heroes, even though the class is about the World Wars, because of the Crisis we are in.


Wednesday April 15, 2020

Some days I do a quiz game over dinner, like above, and call it good. I probably read aloud from Mathematicians Are People too as well and picture books for Bugsy but don’t remember them..


Tuesday April 14, 2020

Scotland Yard- little by little I’m learning the geography of London with this game! I like to look up YouTube videos of the different places.


Monday April 13, 2020



Sunday April 12, 2020

Does an Easter Egg hunt count for a game? We did that. This was a funny day that didn’t go perfectly. let’s just say I chose a long nap over other stuff so not all of my traditional Easter stuff happened. We got the egg hunt in. I’m counting on telling the Easter story the next day with these Resurrection Eggs as our “book” for Sunday. That counts, since I read more stories on that next day, Monday. You can get the article with the scriptures and object suggestions here.

IMG_7074 (1).JPG


Saturday April 11, 2020

family game night april 11 2020

This was our night we had an online family game night with some long distance friends. Fun!

Friday April 10, 2020

It’s all a blur. It was Good Friday and we fasted to follow the prophet President’s Nelson’s plea to fast to end the pandemic. I do remember we watched some of the Messiah Concert by the Tabernacle Choir.


Thursday April 9, 2020

I can’t remember the game for this day. More blur.

Wednesday April 8, 2020

We played Chameleon.

Tuesday April 7, 2020

Sorry I’m not remembering the books for these last days. I probably read some of  the Mr. Rogers picture book to go with the Mr. Rogers game below. My review is here.



Monday April 6, 2020

Cranium Whoonu (Tin) by Cranium


I really love Whoonu because you don’t have to think hard but it’s still meaningful and fun. Perfect for playing after a long day’s work. Too bad it’s out of print. Look for used ones online.

And that takes me back to our Restoration Bicentennial Celebration day with my Restoration Timeline Card Game.

Whew, I’m all caught up! What books and games have you enjoyed lately?






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