Come to BYU Women’s Conference Online this Friday!

I’m super excited about this upcoming event! The annual BYU Women’s Conference, is all online this year! Parts of it have been online in the past, as shown above, but this year, ALL of it is!

Over 24 years ago, I brought a nursing baby to this conference and discovered the Marriott Center doesn’t have much in the way of comfortable spots for breastfeeding (before bringing babies was banned, back in the day, a tangent I won’t get into). Maybe it does now? Two years later, I attempted to go, in person, but with three little kids at home, I ended up getting called home. Ever since then I’ve wished it were more accessible for moms of young children, as well as moms who live far away and can’t travel to BYU. My wishes have materialized this year, although I don’t like the pandemic reason. Nevertheless, I am rejoicing that we can all join in this year from the comfort of our homes, using the Internet.

Go here to see the schedule and put a reminder on your phone to join us on Friday May 1, 10 AM MDT. “See” you there! Boost your testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and feel sisterhood at the same time!

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