#abookandagameaday, Fri. 4/24/20 still social distancing


I read this book aloud to the kiddos while they did dishes, both the lunch and then supper dishes. It’s a great introduction to the non-aggression principle taught by the great Ron Paul. You can get the Tuttle Twins series here. (That’s an affiliate link so if you buy from it I get a small commission which helps pay for the cost of this blog.)

Then we played Cashflow, the money board game invented by Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki, the third night in a row. This time we started at 6 PM instead of after 7. We finally finished it and I won! It “only” took us 6 1/2 hours, over a stretch of three nights, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights. We took a picture every night of where the pawns were and stashed the game in a corner of the living room every night as a bookmark, so the table would be clear for schoolwork and meals. We can stash games in corners on the floor now that we don’t have toddlers around. My new goal is to play it as a family once a month to help solidify the wealth lessons.




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