#abookandagameaday Saturday 4/25/20, still social distancing

I got to play Jeopardy with some of my sibs and my parents, remotely, using Zoom. That’s the silver lining of this whole pandemic. My parents have been forced to use Zoom for my dad’s work. So now they feel comfortable using it for other things and have reached out to their children, inviting us to play games using Zoom. Yay! Now I don’t feel quite so lonely on weekends, which I used to feel, when I knew they were getting together for Sunday dinners without us. We played a General Authorities Jeopardy! game that one of my adult sons wrote, which you can find here.

That night I started reading aloud the book below to Bugsy. I love reading these ValueTales stories, they just are so fun to transport us to a different place and time about interesting people who pursued mission-based lives.

Value of Sharing: The Story of the Mayo Brothers (Value Tale): Johnson, Spencer; Pileggi, Steve

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