#abookandagameaday, Monday 4/27/20, still social distancing


I found the above picture book on Libby. If you are running out of books to read to your children, check out Libby. Here’s a great post I wish I had written about it. How we miss the public library!



My two older kids here at home and I played an online game with their homeschool science/math class here. You can play it too! It was an escape room game for the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. We used Zoom so we could speak to each other and see the mentor of the class’s screen, but then we could see our own screen of the game when we wanted to. We watched the video above to get started. Each of us had our own device to use so that made it better. No arguing over control over the mouse, LOL, and we could each go at our own pace and solve the puzzles on our own. The three of also used earbuds we wouldn’t have an echo. It’s pretty cool that we can play a game with people miles away and be looking at the same rooms of a museum thousands of miles away. What an age we live in! I don’t agree with all the “facts” presented by the museum but had fun anyway.

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