#abookandagameaday, Fri. 5/1/20, still social distancing…Emily and Jeopardy!

A sweet picture book bio about Emily Dickinson. (You can read a digital version of this picture book in Scribd! That’s a website full of digital books. You can read it for free by signing up for a free two month trial of scribd.com over here, using my affiliate link.* )

Did you know that Emily spent most of her life in her house? She created and found meaning living a life we are being asked to live right now, in her home. That can give us all hope. I’m grateful, however, that I have ways of connecting with people outside of my home that she didn’t have.

Some moms here in AZ are doing a contest right now for children all over the US, to create works of art based on Emily’s life and the theme of “hope.” You can read about it here.


That night, I played Jeopardy! by myself by going to jeopardylabs.com and doing a few rounds in categories I love, like the Founding Fathers. Yes, sometimes I just do games solo! As a homeschooling mom, I’ve learned it’s important to take time to do things I love all by myself a little bit everyday, and that day, it happened to be Jeopardy.

*Disclosure: if you sign up for scribd after your trial is over, and start subscribing with the monthly fee, I get a free month. You pay the same whether you sign up through my link or sign up another way. It’s a win/win!

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