#abookandagameaday, Sun. 5/3/20, still social distancing


Volume 4 - Illustrated Stories From Church History , Hard Cover - LDS  1974

Every Sunday night I read aloud to Bugsy 6-8 pages from a book in this series, the Illustrated Stories From Church History. We’re on Volume 4, It’s only taken about four years to get to this point! Slow and steady, we’ll get through all 16 volumes before he leaves the nest, LOL!



Earlier that day, we played my Gospel Restoration Timeline Card Game.


The game has over 100 cards, so we just played four cards each person, according to the standard game rules. I tend to want to play a lot longer than the rest of the family so I reign in my appetite with plans to play a longer game when I have more emotional “money in the bank.” 🙂

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