NEW At-a-Glance Distance Board Game Playing Guide PDF



Here’s another online board game playing guide, to follow up with the one I shared a few weeks ago. Go here to get this new one. I love that it’s a one-page at-a-glance PDF.  Thank you Board Game Geek for hosting this! I downloaded it, then promptly texted it to close friends and family. So now I’m currently drooling over this page on my phone in odd moments and fantasizing!

It has all types of games:

  • word games
  • social deduction games like Mafia
  • card games like Uno
  • trivia games
  • other games

I envision even better game nights, and days, coming up! It mentions a place to play Code Names, where you can’t see the key card. Apparently it’s not finished yet, but you can see what’s happening so far with this version of Code Names online here.  Currently we use for Code Names online for distance gaming, although it does have a big drawback in that you an easily peek at the key card. So play with people you trust. Anyway, this awesome guide shows you a ton of online game options, like Bananagrams, Scattergories, Just One, Wavelength, and so many, many more, all online that you can share with distant friends and play through video chat. Most are free, a few cost.

I love that this guide answers some burning questions I’ve had lately but haven’t had the time to research, like:

-Can Taboo be played online besides sharing cards via text which would be slow and awkward?

-What about Dixit, Love Letter, or Set?

-How do you do drawing games online? I can envision simple ones like Pictionary done through Zoom but what about A Fake Artist Goes to New York?

-Is there such a thing as a Boggle grid generator?

I think you will love, LOVE this guide too! Happy board gaming!



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